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    HEALTH MONITORING checks for all employees are key indicators contributing to workplace productivity and safety.  Providing INITIALLY A BENCHMARK and thereafter ANNUALLY a measure your employee’s health, wellness, and safety. 

    Monitoring employee health is undertaken to ensure risks are managed and because you the employer care about your employee’s health, safety, and wellbeing.

    Health monitoring can tell you if employees are experiencing health effects from potential exposures.  Health monitoring can also confirm that control measures are preventing harm.  It is also a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act.


    HEALTH MONITORING is essential for those employees who work with chemicals, dust, metal, concrete, stonework, working outdoors, driving company vehicles, operating forklifts, cranes, physical or manual handling, machinery, or working at heights.

    Our Health Monitoring assessment takes approximately 45 mins to complete.


    1. Sign a consent form, which also explains how the information will be used and stored.

    2. Complete a questionnaire relevant to the Health Monitoring assessment. 

    • Addressing a Work-related questionnaire including hazardous substances,

    • General medical history/lifestyle, mental health, sun smart,

    • Musculoskeletal, Hearing, Lung function, Vision,

    • Epworth Sleep questionnaire which is a screening tool for determination of daytime sleepiness.

    • Crystalline Silica Exposure questionnaire (if relevant, thereafter requires annual follow-up).  Silicosis is a progressive and deadly disease that causes fibrosis of the lungs from inhalation of respirable crystalline silica dust (RCS) dust. 

           RSC dust is also known to cause cancer.


    Go4health team can help you monitor your employee’s health regarding silica exposure through.

    The annual health monitoring will include:

    • A silica exposure questionnaire

    • Spirometry – Lung Function Test

    • And a 5 yearly chest x-ray.

    • Any result outside of normal are automatically referred to GP for review and recommendations.

    Medical, physical risk assessments conducted during an Annual Health Monitoring.

    • Cardiovascular assessment - blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, heart rate, cholesterol screening – for cardiovascular disease, blood glucose screening for diabetes.

    •  Vision screening - Snellen chart to check visual acuity, near and distant             vision, peripheral vision, Ishihara test for colour blindness.

    Musculoskeletal assessment for range of movement for those roles which have a high musculoskeletal risk factor.

    •  Hearing assessment – Audiometry

    •  Lung function assessment - Spirometry

    •  If Required:  A Vibration White Finger (VWF) Questionnaire can be                   completed.  VWF is a long-term condition that can result from prolonged         use of vibrating tools, either for occupational or recreational use.

    • If Required: A Solvent Exposure Questionnaire can be completed. Exposure     to hazardous chemical substances, hazardous biological agents etc.


    All reports will be emailed to you within 24 hours of completing the medical and any issues

     Email us now for more information, or call us on  0800 464432