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Hearing Tests for employees at workplace

HEARING TESTS (Audiometry)

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    Noise is part of everyday life but loud noise can permanently damage your hearing.

    Workplace hearing tests are important

    Go4health offers a hearing test for employees exposed to noise levels in excess of 85 dB (A) to support compliance with the health and safety responsibilities of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

    Results will provide information that can be further assessed overall for noise and risk / hazards to protect the employee.  It’s also a regular reminder of PPE use and hearing conservation.


    What’s involved?

    The employee undergoes a short series of questions and a physical assessment relevant to hearing.


    • Noise exposure history is taken

    • Hearing health history is taken

    • A clinical examination is performed of external ear

    • Audiology hearing test is performed – using the latest software equipment


    Audiogram Report provided to staff and relevant manager.

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