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    Flu season is March – July each year.

    Influenza can be anywhere. Contact with the influenza virus is almost unavoidable, and while contact does not necessarily mean infection, it does mean that you are never far from the possibility of catching influenza.

    Being fit and healthy will not protect you from influenza. Influenza spreads easily and by immunising against influenza you can protect your-self and lessen the chance of spreading it at work, taking it home to a baby, older relative or someone with a medical condition who could develop serious complications from influenza.

    Vaccinate as soon as possible after the vaccine becomes available (vaccine is usually available from March). It takes up to two weeks to develop immunity. Ideally, you should be vaccinated before the main influenza activity in May to September. High risk individuals can be immunised any time during the influenza season

    •  Given onsite in your workplace

    • No staff time off

    • No downtime / no waiting 20 minutes after vaccination your staff can get back to work as the nurse stays on the premises until all vaccinations are complete

    • No waiting at the GP, no looking for a car park

    • Great value, cost effective

    • Your organization can invest in your staff or your staff can invest in their own flu protection; whichever option it’s an excellent investment

    We also give Flu vaccinations at our Walk in Nurse Clinic 266 Maunganui Road,

    Mt Maunganui     Phone 075710144


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