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Drug & Alccohol Testing kit


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    We are all been made constantly aware by the media that drug use in New Zealand is significantly on the increase. New Zealanders as a population have some of the higher drug-use rates in the developed world, evidenced in the 2007/2008 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey, which reports that one in six (16.6%) New Zealanders aged 16–64 years had used drugs recreationally in the past year.

    Cannabis is one of the most widely available illicit drugs in New Zealand. Cannabis is also known as grass, pot, weed, and mull, chronic, dak, hash, smoke, buds, skunk or cabbage.

    Using marijuana on a long term basis can affect social skills and behaviour. This spills over into day to day living and cause a range of problems.

    Changes in behaviour:

    For example, they may change from an outgoing, sociable and upbeat person to someone who is quiet, withdrawn and prefers his/her own company. Their performance at work drops off and there is an increase in the amount of time they take off. They lack energy and motivation. Any work they undertake they do with a lack of focus and commitment or make frequent errors. The work they do is of poor quality and unacceptable.

    Accidents are more likely to happen which can have serious consequences. For example if this occurs in a dangerous job or one that involves working with complex equipment/machinery.

    Methamphetamine has serious social, economic and even environmental consequences. Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive, powerful stimulant. It produces wakefulness, hyperactivity and a euphoric effect.


    Pre-employment, random or routine screening

    (Test takes approx 15 minutes)


    •  Amphetamines (speed, uppers)

    • Methamphetamine (meth, crack, P)

    • Benzodiazepams (Valium)

    • Cannabis (marijuana, weed, grass)

    • Cocaine

    • Opiates (opium, heroin, morphine, methadone, codeine and pethidine)


    Alcohol test using the Alcosense – Breathalyzer

    Samples can be sent for further analysis if required to Canterbury Health Laboratory.

    The Nurse(s) are NZQA accredited.

    Result provided to relevant manager that states a negative or non-negative

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