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    A computer workstation assessment (otherwise known as an ergonomic assessment and training) aims to identify any potential health risks, provide solutions to these risks and empower the employee by providing education on all the potential contributing factors that may cause discomfort, pain and injury (DPI) and what to do to minimise these from occurring and where to go for help when required.

    Work Station / Environment

    (Includes assessment for correct position, and use etc. and adjustment made if required, with explanation and advice):

    • Assess your employee’s current workstation and comfort levels

    • Demonstrate and assess workplace ergonomic exercises if required

    • Manage discomfort and any injury at time of consultation

    • Encourage early reporting of discomfort and any injury

    • Provide management with a report / recommendations to minimise risks

    The assessment will review
    • Furniture and equipment, use and setup

    • Posture and practices

    • Work environment, lighting, glare, noise

    • Computer hardware, screen placement, keyboard, mouse

    • Education, includes micropauses, DPI contributing factors

    • Identification of health issues, early reporting requirements, referral, injury reporting

    Ergonomic Education covers the employee’s understanding of:
    • Causes and symptoms of discomfort, pain and injury (DPI)

    • The need and procedure for early reporting

    • The requirements to take micropauses, regular breaks and exercises

    • The correct exercise techniques

    • Eye health.

    Issues re holistic environment – life style, computer and mobile phone use will be addressed
    Recommendations may be made for the employee to action.
    Recommendations may be made for management to action (including equipment requirements) e.g. Chair, Footstool, Headset or other.
    A Workplace Assessment report will be made available to management.

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